DNA ePaper

DNA (Daily News and Analysis), the newspaper from the family of Diligent Media Corporation is basically a joint venture between two major Indian Giants which are the Dainik Bhaskhar Group as well as the Zee Group which again is one of the leading media house brands across India. It was first in the year of 2005 when it all started with the launch of the DNA newspaper from Mumbai and then now it has presence across many places that is in Pune, Bengaluru and also its available across many other places spread across India that is from places like Ahmedabad, Jaipur as well as Indore too where the presence as well as the hold of Dainik Bhaskhar is pretty much strong.

DNA ePaper

The salient features of the epaper version of the DNA is that this epaper comes with many advantages like searchable content box, easy navigation, read as well as hear the news just at the click of a button, clip, save as well as hear the news and also most importantly you can easily archive the newspapers for one year and best part is that you can archive the newspaper of all the 6 newspaper versions where its present.

As a special offer for all those who registers for the Online version of the epaper, there is an offer of free subscription of Archive facility for a period of 1 year and most importantly this facility is totally free of cost and doesn’t bear any charges whatsoever. This newspaper covers almost all the popular sections of the news ranging from entertainment, sport, health, Science and technology, lifestyle and also most importantly all the hot topics are shown right on the home screen of the DNA. To read the epaper version you just need to register yourself with the email ID along with other details, but the registration is totally free of cost.

With the epaper in place which is the exact replica, one can read this newspaper easily as you can zoom in, zoom out, Print the newspaper, Save as well as there are other tools which can be made use of. With a neat intuitive overall interface you will simply love to read this newspaper again and again. To read this newspaper all you need to do is to just visit the link which is mentioned below.

Website URL – http://epaper.dnaindia.com/

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