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One of the oldest newspapers is the Daily Express in the United Kingdom and was founded in the year 1900 which is over a 111 years ago which was owned by Northern and Shell. The other publications of this newspaper includes the Daily Mail and the Daily Star which too are one of the most popular dailies in the UK and few other places with strong influential content in its sections of newspapers.

Daily Express

Unlike the ones which epaper provides the exact replica of the newspaper in the e format, this newspaper embeds the perfect flash in its website which enables the viewing and going through the newspaper makes really very easy. Just flip through the pages with the help of mouse’s gesture and click on the same to zoom or enlarge the same and then you can easily read the same right on your computer screen. This all new e edition looks exactly the same as the newsprint version, the pages turn on your mouse click, you can zoom in and out of pages for easy reading, an easy-to-use index lets you jump straight to your favorite sections and you can bookmark pages for easy return.

The best part of this newspaper is that this digital format of newspaper doesn’t require any sorts of registration or also any subscription fees as this newspaper can be accessed for free, all you need to do is to just simply go to the website URL which is mentioned below and then you can simply refer the digital version of Daily Express newspaper. Right from politics to the nation to the business to the Hollywood to the Entertainment, classifieds, careers, cartoons, the list goes endless. Also, the content in the newspapers is very informative and all the ads are separately placed so that it doesn’t interferes with all the news articles or other informative content as it has its dedicated space.

Website URL - http://subscriber.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/custompages/35621943-9116-4f8c-abc6-c8c291703bde/subscribe.aspx

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